Why 5G Won’t Replace Fibre Dedicated Internet Access

If you’ve been reading the headlines about the 5G revolution and imagining smart home installations free of splicing and connecting cable, think again. 5G isn’t going to replace wired internet anytime soon.  
There are billions of Wi-Fi devices in use today: PCs, tablets, TVs, printers, sound systems, smart home devices and more. Even smartphones that are designed to use cellular data have a built-in preference for Wi-Fi.

Delivery of Wi-Fi is flexible. Your customers can purchase it as a service delivered to homes and offices via fiber and coaxial cable. They can get it as a free amenity in hotels or restaurants. They can buy Wi-Fi time when traveling.

With cellular networks, subscription and service models are the only option.

Broadband is considered more secure for direct peer-to-peer file sharing and communications. Businesses have established secure Wi-Fi for local area network (LAN) integration. Convincing these users to switch to a cellular network could be a challenge.

A well-designed internet installation will ensure that there is Wi-Fi coverage everywhere in the home or office — even below ground level. Cellular networks can only offer that degree of service by adding small cell or distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Even with these limitations, 5G does have the potential to reach rural locations before fibre does, which would mean homeowners and businesses could take advantage of smart devices and home automation.

This could take the pressure off of internet service providers to lay cable in rural areas.

Leaving us to ask the question, is huge government spending on the national broadband plan really necessary?

If the arrival of 5G or the National Broadband Plan seems far in the distance and probably more a solution suited for the residential or small business consumer, there are numerous other larger companies out there both in rural and urban locations moving day by day to cloud services where Dedicated Internet Access is the only solution for everything to run smoothly. 
Businesses have always had the same issue wondering what operators have network infrastructure in their location and at what costs. This is where Synoptic is now playing a stand alone, integral role in the Irish Business Telecoms sector. Synoptic has wholesale access to all the core network infrastructures in Ireland and can deploy Dedicated Internet Access solutions to all four corners of the country. By interacting with Synoptic our team will source and deploy the best available network and price point available to our customers. 
The days of having to painfully engage with numerous telecom operators for the right services at the right costs are gone.