DDoS Mitigation

For Customers who need to avoid potential impacts to their business’ reputation and finances as a result of websites/servers being down, and must mitigate the risk of compromised or lost data.

Our DDoS Mitigation Service is an affordable solution that’s easy to deploy and available with OpCo services that access the Internet. The service offers 24/7 support to help customers protect the availability of their network infrastructure and minimize downtime by mitigating attacks.

By allowing OpCo to be a single carrier solution, customers can focus on their core business and free up IT and Leadership resources to support mission-critical needs.

Key Features

  • 24/7 manned SOC with trained and experienced staff. We perceive multi-entry-point attacks better and uses distributed software and hardware as well as trained, skilled technicians to constantly monitor and scrub infected traffic.
  • Washing Machine with geographic presence providing defense against network protocols with sophisticated detection tactics. Multiple response tactics with standard mitigation times and traffic redirection techniques
  • We can manage capacity-heavy DDoS protection in the network backbone. Non-intrusive solution. The solution is deployed in the ISP network providing defence against link saturation attacks
  • Specific static profiles (called “Managed Objects”) are set up for our business customers. These MO define thresholds below which traffic is considered normal or good and above which an alarm and mitigation can be triggered (depending on the severity)
  • The service generates detailed graphical reports about alerts and performed mitigation, which we can make available to the customer
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