Synoptic provide, manage and support Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) services for our clients, the solution can be deployed on any service providers connections. Some benefits of implementing an SD-WAN solution include:

Transport Independence

While MPLS networks need to be built on On-Net specific carrier connections, SD-WAN can be configured across a variety of mediums – MPLS, Internet, 3G/4G; On-Net or Off-Net. This flexibility means that an SD-WAN solution can be rolled out quicker than MPLS and transient/mobile sites & users can easily connect to the VPN.

Application Optimisation

The centralised network provides visibility and control of the application traffic across the network. Quality of Service in SD-WAN goes beyond that of MPLS. Traffic identification can be done at layer 7 through Deep Packet Inspection, as well as traditional Layer 3 QoS. This allows for very granular traffic shaping as well as intelligent bandwidth management – prioritising business-critical traffic and applications.

Intelligent Path Control

With most MPLS deployments, the secondary / backup connection to a site is usually left idle or carrying minimal traffic while the primary is active. SD-WAN allows you to make better use of the uplinks available through dynamic policy and performance-based path selection. Automatic load balancing can be used for maximum network performance and reliability.

Secure Connectivity

We use SD-WAN security appliances integrated with Cisco security threat defence technologies. IPSec VPN technology is used to ensure secure communication with cloud applications, remote offices, or datacentres. The SD-WAN solution pushes security to the edge where advanced security features like next generation firewall, IDS/IPS, malware protection and geo-IP based firewall strengthen network perimeters.
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